Treatment for perpetrators

If you want to log on to treatment for those who commit violence, it would be advisable to first familiarize yourself with some basic information that you can find in the links above. Afterwards, we invite you to sign up by clicking the "Apply for treatment!"

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What is violence in intimate relationships ?

NOT GETTING BETTER, IT GETS WORSE!!! Physical violence represents all the physical acts of applying force, starting from a stronger grip, bump, pushing and nudging, until causing serious injury and, in the worst case murder. The threat of physical violence,

How the treatment looks like?

Crisis Centre for Men in Belgrade, conducts treatment for men who have a problem with violent behavior towards their partners (spouse, girlfriend, ex spouse, etc.). Treatment is based on the appropriate treatment model that the Norwegian organization Alternative to Violence

Professional cooperation

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Education of the professionals

The program “Training of the professionals for the treatment of perpetrators of violence in partnerships” was accredited in the Republic Institute for Social Protection in July 2012 (entered in the register of accredited programs and carries 15 points for licenses




Despotović, V. (2017) Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Psychosocial Program for the Perpetrators of Violence in Partnership Relations (Unpublished Draft Doctoral Dissertation), Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade