Education “Training professionals for the treatment of perpetrators of violence in partner relationships”

IAN International Aid Network is currently implementing the project: “Psychosocial treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence as well as assistance for permanent change”, with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Men’s Crisis Centre will be an active partner throughout the implementation of the project, in terms of training provision, participation in seminars and conferences.

This project was created with the objective to identify the positive local and international experience in the application of the model of psychosocial treatment for perpetrators of partner violence, to find the most appropriate legal framework for its implementation in Serbia and to bring systemic solutions that will ensure the sustainability of services and development this program.

In accordance with the overall objective, it is important to train a sufficient number of professionals for the implementation of psychosocial treatment for perpetrators of domestic violence, which is also one of the specific project objectives.

Within the project, provided are free training for professionals that will implement the Men’s Crisis Centre. So we take this opportunity to inform you that in October 2016, the training “Training professionals for the treatment of perpetrators of violence in partner relationships” will be held.

It is desirable that training participants, in addition to graduating from the humanities area, have some experience in group work, and have completed training in one of psychotherapeutic modalities.

At the beginning of education all participants will receive training manual for the implementation of treatment programs.

The educational program is accredited by the Republic Institute for Social Protection, and carries 15 points for licenses for employees in social protection.

The educational program is delivered by certified coaches, psychotherapists from the NGO sector.

The objectives of the educational program are:

Mastering basic scientific knowledge in the field of the phenomenon of violence in partner relationships that are necessary for the proper implementation of the program.

Acquiring specific skills of participants to perform the treatment with the perpetrators of violence.

The program duration is 7 days, each day includes 4 blocks of 90 minutes each, a total of 8 hours with breaks between blocks and an hour-long lunch break.

Topics and program of education:

  • The first day of training: Understanding the phenomenon of violence; Introduction into the treatment of perpetrators of violence in partner relationships;
  • The second day of training: Reviewing personal attitudes related to violence; Preparation for the session with the victim;
  • The third day of training: Adoption of the basic concepts of group work skills; Adoption of the knowledge for the execution of the first three workshops in treatment;
  • The fourth day of training: Adoption of skills to perform the sessions within the theme ‘Psychological Violence’, ‘Sexuality’, “Alternative to Violence” and “Responsibility;”
  • The fifth day of training: Adoption of skills for performing sessions under the theme of “Father and Child”, “The Causes of Violence”, “The Consequences of Violence;” Acquaintance with the recommendations for reporting on the treatment of perpetrators of violence in intimate relationships
  • The sixth day of training: Introducing the concept of secondary trauma; Preparations for the execution of the final exam
  • The seventh day of training: Assessing the degree of mastery over content and theoretical knowledge of the training program; Evaluation of training program.

After the training, the implementation of treatment programs for perpetrators of partner violence, involves a combination of individual and group work and requires the participation of at least 2 co-therapists.

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